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A group of Charleston based filmmakers/actor put together a film challenge that asks filmmakers from all over the world to submit a horror film with an exact run time of 60 Seconds.  Are you up for the challenge?

  100% of the profits made from submission fees will go towards a charity.  In our first year we raised $1,500.00 for the Charleston Animal Society to help their rescue efforts.


Screening Info

The live showing will feature our official selections which will be separated into SIX sub-horror categories (Comedy, Thriller, Out of this World, Slasher, Gore, and Monster) by our 6 festival directors. 

Then, our audience will get to pick their favorite film in each of the sub-categories (which will be crowned winner of that category) in which those winners will be played again to let the audience choose their ultimate favorite, awarding this film "Best in Show."


Our celebrity judges will also be watching all of the official selections before the live event and each will pick their top 10 favorites. They will then send a video of them naming their top picks, which will be played during our live event. This provides no advantage in any way to winning a category or Best In Show but is just cool and is definitely an award in itself.


Submission Fee

We will not be taking anything for profit, 100% will go towards a charity.


2020 Charity

 This year, all submission fees and donations during our live event will go to Wires Wild Life Rescue. With our hearts driven towards animal welfare, it is important to us that we support Australia during these uncontrollable wildfires and loss of habitats. 

2020 Promo

We’re back and want your 60 second horror films!

2019 winners

15 second horror challenge

“60 Second Horror Challenge” is a proud partner of the " 15 Second Horror Film Challenge," both who share a passion to serve the community by using filmmaking as the foundation in which we all have the opportunity to encourage arts & recreation, foster inclusivity, and do our part in bringing quality to life for everyone.

Upcoming Events

Submissions Open - July 22, 2019

Submissions Open - July 22, 2019

Live Screening - October 17, 2020

Live Screening - October 17, 2020

submissions now open for 2020

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Charleston Animal Society

Good Mews

Ahimsa House

Last Chance for Animals

Greyhound Pets of America

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Best In Show 60 Second Horror Challenge

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